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    A few ideas... (and one bug)

    BigMucho Level 1

      The Animate team are rockstars, and you all deserve raises (tell them "BigMucho said so).  I used CC to finish a small simulation yesterday, and here are a few observations:


      Bug:  Occasionally, when you select an area of text in the code-window, and immediately start typing it's replacement, the selection area goes wonky, causing you to type over the wrong part of the line. Pretty aggravating.  Solution:  (per previous thread) Give us an Adobe "Code" window inside Animate, or buy-out Sublime text.




      • Show nesting in the timeline window.
      • Ability to create a symbol directly from the IMG library, rather than drag to stage first.
      • An easy way to visualize scoping (functions, vars, syms, etc), perhaps something analogous to the old AS pick-whip in Flash.
      • Better js/jq error reporting, not sure how, but tracking down bugs/errors in Animate code is painful.
      • Love templates!  But, it would be cool if they copied the entire folder structure, including my custom 'js' folder.
      • Auto-save document on browser-preview:  I flaked out last week and just kept previewing, and not saving.  Then I changed an asset, Edge asked "do you want to reload?", I say yes, and then came the tears.
      • (minor)  Change the app name to "Animate CC", many of us use launchbar or quicksilver, and if you dont uninstall the prev version, two identically named apps apps appear when you try to launch.



      thanks, and keep up the great work!

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the great feedback! I'll be sure to ask about that raise


          For debugging: Have you tried the onError event for the Stage? You can set a custom alert to let you know when something is amiss.


          Re: templates. When you save a template, Animate should crawl all folders and files parallel to the .an file and include them in the .antmpl file. Is this not happening for you?


          And definitely love the pick-whip idea. It's an idea on our backlog, thanks for the vote.