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    Move effect  BUG?

      <mx:Button moveEffect="Move" />

      button is apply move effect but Move effect is playing
      when i change position then i wan't direction play effect

      so i check attribute isPlaying and creat move instance
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          joan_lafferty Adobe Employee
          I'm not sure what exactly you are trying to do? The moveEffect trigger is the effect that will play when your Button's position changes. So, a more common use case is to do something like:

          <mx:Button id="button1" moveEffect="Fade" />

          Here, a Button will Fade when it changes its x or y position. A use case for using the Move effect is:

          <mx:Move id="customMove" xFrom="0" xTo="50" yFrom="10" yTo="200" />
          <mx:Button id="button1" mouseDownEffect="{customMove}" />

          If the distinction of using the moveEffect trigger and the Move effect is not clear, please let us know what exactly you are trying to do in your flex application.

          Joan Lafferty
          Flex Framework QA