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    Talking to a parent

    Paul_C_B Level 1

      I have a stage upon which there is background detail. as well as a symbol called 'Page0'.

      Page0 has a timeline through which various content becomes visible

      within one of those are 3 buttons that cause 3 hidden symbols to become visible as selected.

      The code for that is straight forward : - sym.$("M1").show();   where M1 through M3 are the names of the hidden symbols.

      On each symbol, is embeded a button which simply says CLOSE I just want to close the opened symbol in order to select another one

      how do I point the command:-  sym.$("M1").hide(); back to the parent i have tried :-


      var mySymbolObject = sym.getSymbol("Page0");



      doesnt work !!! any suggestions for this old Flashite