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    Font in CS4 doesn't work in CS6


      I have a TrueType font that a friend made me a few years back. It's my favorite font and I use it frequently; however, I recently upgraded from CS4 to CS6 and the font doesn't work properly in CS6. It does show in the font menus, but now in CS6 it's sorted in a separate font category (along with the Arabic fonts at the bottom), and the sample in the font menu is now merely squares in place of characters. There is a Regular and Bold verison of the font and both have the same issue.


      What changed in CS6, and does anyone know how I can edit the font to make it work with InDesign again? I know I can just pick a new commercial font, but I have such a back log of work that used that font I'd prefer to just fix the font. This is on a Mac, and FontBook validates the font just fine, other apps (including CS4 also work fine with it), I'm not using any font management software (I use FontBook merely for validating the font.)


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What happens if you select the font and actually try to set type?

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            Tesla3D Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Peter.


            I was able to fix 1 of the 2 problems. The font did in fact have some extraneous language entries in it's name table. I was able to edit those out and now the font sorts in the normal font list, and not in the Arabic font category.


            But the font preview feature in the font menu is still showing boxes (instead of characters.) This is where it gets weird... if I go into Preferences and change the Font Preview size from Medium to Small or Large it works correctly. Just not with Medium (the default.) I've tried clearing font caches, etc, but I could at least live with small or large font previews in order to use the font with CS6.


            To answer your question, the font does work correctly when setting type; however, if Font Preview is on the font will eventually be automatically disabled and drop out of the Font menu. Relaunching InDesign CS6 brings it back. Turning off Font Preview prevents this from happening.


            I wonder what is different in CS6. Other apps work fine with this font (including CS4.) Even apps like Pages that also have font preview in their font menus.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You really should talk to your friend about this. Each version of ID seems to get fussier about how fonts are built.