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    Premiere crashes with mjpeg files (Blackmagic-design)

    alraz.exe Level 1

      I have many videos that I captured using a Balckmagic design intensity shuttle

      link: http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/intensity/


      This capture device has a codec for mjpeg capture, which saves a ton of space.

      The problem is: Premiere keeps crashing when I use said files.


      Hereis one example file:



      It crashes at around 1:17; the position is totally random. It crashes more ofthen while playing; if you scrub around it, some times it crashes, sometimes it doesn't.

      I understant that maybe the file format is not supported, but:

      1-It should nicely tell me that is not supported rather than crashing

      2-Other Adobe applications, like Prelude, do not crash with said file.


      I had reported this bug a long time ago, when CS6 was kinda new, and I'm so sad to see that even in then new CC version the bug hasn't been fixed.

      Hope posting it in the forums actually helps.