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    Need help referencing Objects and ArrayCollections in the same way

      Hi all -

      I have an application where I'm using an HTTPService object to pull some XML, which I am then sending to a custom component as an ArrayCollection. The problem is that if there are multiple XML children nodes I get child ArrayCollections. If there is just a single XML child node I get child Objects. For example:

      <widget> ... lots of stuff ... </widget>
      <widget> ... lots of stuff ... </widget>
      <cog> ... lots of stuff ... </cog>
      public function handleIncomingData(event:ResultEvent):void
      data = new ArrayCollection(new Array(event.result.xml));

      When "data" arrives at my component, I get the following ArrayCollection:
      data[0]["widget"].length == 2;
      data[0]["cog"].length == 0;

      Sometimes I may get many <cog>s, and so I need to be able to treat it like an array. But in the case where there is just one, it arrives as an object instead of as an ArrayCollection with a single element.

      Is there any way to fix this? Is there a better way to reference my data hierarchy?