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    What software is best for using coldfusion components as datasources for html > jquery > datatables.

    jeffcg2 Level 1

      I have been using Flashbuilder and Coldfusionbuilder for the last few years and it has worked well.

      Now I am searching for the best software to create simular data centric sites for the iPad.

      Flashbuilder / Coldfusion Builder have the plumbing built in to attach data to charts, graphs tables etc.

      So far with all of the Creative Cloud stuff it seems to be for making pretty - no plumbing built in to connnect to backend database (MSSQL).

      NOW that my blood pressure is coming down from the data plumbing being yanked from Dreamweaver.

      I am not so sure it was headed for adding data plumbing for Coldfusion Components. Is there any of the Adobe CC software that is designed for database plumbing to MSSQL or should I be updating my Visual Studio????