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    Capture DNxHD in Premiere Pro CC with Kona 3 question

    BVEng Level 1

      So I'm testing out PPCC and I'm really excited about the ability to capture DNx145 quicktimes....I have installed all the plugins from AJA, but still can't get PPCC to capture video at DNx145.  the files themselves, although they are correctly created as DNx, are showing up black (like no codec) and the AJA plugin states I must use 10.4.5, but I only see 10.4.4...so what am I missing?  I can capture in VTR Exchange just fine, and FCP/AVID as well, but not in PPCC...any ideas?


      Mac 12 core/10.7.5/Kona 10.4.4/12GB Ram