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    Template not up dating children?

    kerry31 Level 1

      I have a template setup for my site, and I was checking for errors when I came across a strange <hl></hl> (thats HL not h1 by the way) well i deleted it and saved it in my template becuse its not in an editeble region so it can only be edited in the template. Well long story short I save and DW asked to update all the pages and i say yes! I go look and the <hl> is still there?


      Any thoughts on this? I have quit DW and restarted and get the samething.

      DW CS6







      Whats strange is I can add to the template like I added a <div class="nothing">   </div> and then I save and update pages and it will work and I can delete that and it will work. It's just that <hl> that wont go away!!