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    Adding bookmarks with script

    Ken Krugh Level 1

      Hello all. Writing a script to add bookmarks to an InDesign file (CS6) and I see that in scripting I have to add a hyperlink destination, before I can add a bookmark. That destination then shows up in the "Hyperlink Options" dialog. All of which makes sense.


      However, when I add a bookmark manually through the bookmarks panel it does NOT create a hyperlink destination.


      We will be adding bookmarks manually to the files as well with the script and I was hoping to not have to them two different ways, with and without hyperlink destinations. Also when you use the bookmarks panel to delete a bookmark that was created with a script it leaves the hyperlink destination with the little marker (the colon) in the text, which could potentially leave hyperlink destinations that aren't being used. Something I'd rather avoid.


      In the script I tried deleting the hyperlink destination but the bookmark goes too.


      Is there a way to script in the bookmark with out adding a hyperlink destination?


      Thank you,