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    .hide(); not working


      I am making a multiple choice quiz. I want a symbol called try_again1 to play when the wrong answer is clicked, and a symbol called correct1 to play when the right answer is clicked. Of course when correct1 plays, try_again1 should disappear. They are in the same spot on the stage.


      Code for wrong answer:


      sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("try_again1").play();  //works


      Code for right answer:


      sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("correct1").play();  //works

      sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("try_again1").hide();   //doesn't work


      Each time a wrong answer is clicked, try_again1just replays. But when the right answer is clicked, try_again1 will not disappear! (deleteSymbol() works, but then it won't play again when wrong answer is clicked in the next question.)


      Is there something astoundingly obvious I'm missing here?

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          When you want to hide something, you need to get the jQuery handle of the element you want to hide. So try this:




          Or if you're calling at the Stage level, just:






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            bettiesac212 Level 1

            Thanks Joe! That did it.


            How would I know the difference between when to use normal jQuery and when to use Edge-specific code? For example, to play the symbol I use Edge-specific code, but to hide it I have to use regular jQuery. And as long as I'm on it, what is the difference between an element, a symbol and a symbol element?

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              AMULI Level 4

              Hi Bettie,


              A very important fact is that you have simultaneously two hierarchies :


              • one made of symbol instances (may be what you call symbol elements ?).

              You traverse it to fire play(), stop(), etc methods ;


              • another one made of DOM elements.

              You traverse it to fire hide(), show(), etc methods


              You'll clarify all this by reading section Symbols vs. DOM elements in the following post :




              Also look at section Traversing the symbol tree in the next post (part two).



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                You can also use the concepy of "toggle" jQuery function which is used in drupal sites.It is use to hide and display purpose. Here is simple code for toggle :