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    Translation from English to Arabic for mockup purposes.

    Rahzah Level 2

      Hi all,


      Tried a few things but this doen't seem to be working.

      I have a mockup designed in English which needs to be translated in several other language for our sales team to use in the presentations.
      Translating to French, German and Chinese worked out fine, bur for some reason this is not working for Arabic text.
      I have a translated Word docuemnt from which I'm pasting the translastion into my original English version, for which I would the realign as needed for the layout.


      The problem is that, for one, I can't seem to find a matching default font in Photoshop which translates well (for example, for Chinese used "Microsoft Yahei", and "Helvetica" for German).
      I have over a dozen Arabic font options to choose from, but something still seems wrong when comparing.

      I'm not trying to turn my whole work space in Arabic, put need to copy/paste text from Word into Photoshop the realign to the right (basically flip it)

      What am I missing here?

      Are there some specific settings I need to modify to have this work?


      Thanks in advanced.

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          David Mohr Adobe Employee

          Hi Rahzah,


          Now reading this third thread, I understand what your issue is.


          You CREATED your template using the standard/historical/East Asian composer.  You CANNOT change it to the MENA one.  You must recreate your template using the MENA composer.  That's why you've been having problems.  Even though you've changed your document composer, the specific type layer that you are using is already tagged as East Asian and as a result, you're automatically reset to the East Asian composer any time you attempt to edit it.


          As I wrote in another thread on this topic, unless you are using advanced Japanese or Chinese typography, set the composer to MENA and do ALL your work there.  It will be easier for you since that composer supports all languages.


          And, again, had all this info been in a single thread, the solution would have been both easy to see and quick to obtain.