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    Bevel & Emboss effect not visible in flattened image

    ciindy drozda

      I created a file in .psd, with several text layers to which I applied effects (fx) such as stroke, bevel & emboss, outer glow. When I flatten the image, the outer glow and stroke remain, but the bevel & emboss effect is gone. Type is a single color without the 3 dimensional effect.


      I am also not able to preserve the bevel & emboss look when saving as a jpeg or a flattened .tif or .pdf. A saved .tif or .pdf with layers shows the effect just fine, but if the pdf is opened with Acrobat instead of Photoshop, the effect is not visible.


      This must be a new problem, because I found a file that I created several years ago that is a flattened .tif with the bevel & emboss effect preserved.


      I tried rasterizing the layer, and the type. Tried converting to 16 bit changing mode to CMYK, and multi-channel. Everything that involved merging layers lost the bevel & emboss effect.


      Any ideas on what I can do?


      Thank you for the help!