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    Adobe Premiere Pro CC


      When I installed trial of Adobe Premiere Pro CC on my PC (Windows 7), actually Adobe Criateve Cloud came up. But I still don't see any video editor software on my PC. Any idea that how can I install its trial version?  

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          jstrawn Adobe Employee

          The first thing you will do when you click to install PrPro from the creative.adobe.com/products is install or update you Adobe Applications manager, so my gues is that's what you're seeing when you say 'creative cloud came up'. The actual product installs will happen from there. Once AAM is installed and launched, you should see the option to install full versions of PrPro CC and other apps that your subscription level gives you access to. This is all assumng that you have a paid account. If not, you'll only be able to install trial versins, but that is still done in the same way through AAM, and then you'll have the option to activate it from trial mode.

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            amir2005 Level 1

            Thank you very much for your response. I tried to instull adobe applications manager but it didn't work and asked me to download adobe support advisor. I downloaded it but it coud'nt find any issue in my system. As a result I still couldn't try the trial one.

            Actually I never have worked with Adobe Premiere Pro but I am really interested to buy and work with it. But before I purchase it I need to check its trial version to be sure this woftware is fit for my purpose and I can work with it easily.

            Highly appreciated if you advise me that how I can solve my issue to install adobe Premiere Pro.


            And my second question is here that how much it charge me totally? $ 240? Apparently in the offered method payment for one year I need to pay $ 19.99 per month. But if I pay the whole price in advance then how much it would be? Thanks 

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I had the same issue with updating AAM.


              Turning off Microsoft Security Essentials and running AAM as Admin resolved the issue  (Though I don't know which of those solved it, or of it was both combined.)

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                jstrawn Adobe Employee

                Try what Jim said. If that doesn;t work you may need to call customer suport, as I am not very well versed on how to workaround install problems with AAM. As for the pricing, that's not my area of expertise either but does this help?...


                In any case, the contract is annual but the paymanet is monthly.