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    ExternalInterface.call and FullScreen

      Hi guys,

      When I use NavigateToUrl with _blank param, I have a bug in Firefox with the pop-op blocker.
      So the solution is to use ExternalInterface.call("window.open", myLink, "_Blank", "").

      Now my problem is: if I active the fullScreen Mode (stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN), and I go back to the normal mode. At this moment if I try to use ExternalInterface.call, it doesn't work. Really weird.
      This bug appear only in Firefox.

      I checked if ExternalInterface.available is ok and it is.
      The only way for me to know that the ExternalInterface.call won't work is to do something like that:
      test = ExternalInterface.call("window.open", myLink, "_Blank", "").
      if(test == null) // I can't use ExternalInterface

      Do you have any idea why I have this bug?
      Do you have a tips to resolve this bug?