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    Interesting differences in speed in ID CC vs ID CS6

    Christine Holzmann Level 1

      Hi all,


      I just could NOT wait to get started in ID CC so have jumped right in with a new section I am working on for a current catalog project. I know this is normally a big no-no to jump in and use brand new software on a project but I have no doubt it has already been EXTENSIVELY tested by the Adobe team and many MANY others....and all I have heard so far are very positive reports.


      Now, here is my little bit of input and, at the same time, I am wondering if there is anything I can do to improve the speed a little when I am selecting text, which is noticably slower than it is in ID CS6 (by dragging with the mouse to select, or pressing shift-arrow - or any of the other shortcuts). Now this NOT noticeable on a simple one-page document but it is VERY noticeable on a larger document - for example a 30-page document that is jam-packed with text and graphics. This same document does not suffer from lag issues when selecting text in ID CS6.


      But there is GOOD news too! In GENERAL, things seem snappier and moving images or simply zipping thru the document as I scroll thru pages seems much speedier. It is mainly this issue of selecting text. And drawing shapes with the frame tools also seems to be a tad bit slower then ID CS6. (I have set all my prefs for better performance, such as changing live screen drawing to never, etc.)


      Oh but I DO love the darker color scheme. SO MUCH better!!!