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    Are the ProRes codec and .MOV file no longer supported?


      I posted the following over at Creative Cow with no luck... hopefully I can get answers here ...


      I am on a MAC - I joined the Adobe bandwagon during the great FCP migration of 2011 ... So far it's been great but...


      Both Premiere CC AND After Effects CC are not recognizing Pro Res ...heck it doesn't seem like they are recognizing QUICKTIME in general (both progams are rejecting a .MOV I have with the animation codec) ...


      When I try and open up a CS6 sequence in CC I get a message saying "The preset used by one or more of the sequences in this project requires third party components that could not be located." When you click ok just to get the project open, the media is offline.


      When I try and IMPORT a .MOV into Premiere CC I get "The importer reported a generic error."


      When I try and IMPORT a .MOV into AE cc I get "Cannot be imported- this 'MooV' file is damaged or unsupported.


      When I try a test render out of AE cc the default Format is Quicktime, but when you go to the Video Output Format Options the Video Codec has the number "0" instead of a list of codecs .... and when you click on the "0" it changes to "-1". Seriously there are NO codecs listed in the Options - No ProRes, No Animation, just the number zero.


      Media Encoder obviously is essentially the same story.


      This seems to be a Quicktime thing ... not JUST a ProRes thing.



      CS6 has no problems working with my Mac and QT/ProRes ... so I know it's not my machine...


      I really don't feel like calling India today to process a refund, but if I can't get this working on my Mac I dont need to pay for Adobe CC.

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