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    Nothing Offline In the Project but the video which is pending on Ae linked files

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have a project that was finished and exported last week. Everything went just fine.


      To day i was asked to switch a shot and when i opened premier cs5 everything loaded accept the linked AE comps. I have a screen that says "Media pending" every where that i round-tripped to Ae.

      The media in the assets window is there and is not italacized to indicate it is missing. It will load into the sorce monotor. In the source monitor it will show but it plays much like it is unrendered.


      The project is huge for a 1m spot i would guess about 50gigs with stills linked comps and 4 tracks of audio. Even when i was finishing the spot it was starting to lag.

      All of the media was 1080p24 .mov from the gh3.


      here is a screen shot.


      pending media.png