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    My image breaks apart on-line

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      I've been using Fireworks CS3 for a long time, now I'm on the trial version of CS6.


      I create our office eBlasts in Fireworks and then export to Dreamweaver to upload to out website, it's worked great for us, it looks like one solid image (eventhough it's made up of multiple slices). However, since using CS6 whenever the page is viewed in internet explorer, it puts spacing around the slices. It's not a problem in Chrome or Firefox, and is shows up correctly in eMails, but since some people click on the link to view it on-line and a number of those people might be using I.E. we need to find a solution.




      Created using Fireworks & Dreamweaver CS3: http://westmac.com/eblasts/selby_3770.htm

      Created using Fireworks & Dreamweaver CS6: http://westmac.com/eblasts/valley_10710.htm


      Any help understanding and resolving the situation is appreciated.

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          Bc72 Level 1

          not sure if you found the answer to your problem or not.........the differences between fireworks cs 3 and cs 6 when exporting to dreamweaver is........cs3 adds the border code to the exported code which usually has a value of 0 so borders around links and slices can't be seen......cs6 doesn't add the border code to the exported code which is why you see the lines and hyperlink around your slices and links......here is the only info i found in the forums.......http://forums.adobe.com/message/5490169.........i just inserted the code in the article to the head tag in the page using code view in dreamweaver and appears to work......i have submitted many bug requests to adobe to address this issue......hope this helps......


          code fix.jpg

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            CBCW Marketing Level 1

            Perfect. Thanks for your help, I couldn't find anything on it when I searched the forums previously, but this fixed the issue perfectly.