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    Capturing 1080P 60fps Aja Kona 3G speeding video up


      First time posting... hopefully it can be solved because I am at wits end.

      I am looking to capture 1080P60 off of an iPhone through HDMI using and HD-SDI converter with the Aja Kona 3G card (it saves it as an MOV format in Premiere). The capture portion in Premiere works great until it hits 12 GB of RAM and then the video speeds up disproportionally until the end of the capture/offload to HDD. This usually happens about 30-40 seconds in.  I know this is an extremely hot signal coming off but that is what I need. I know it’s not a RAM or system issue because it is a blazing machine with plenty of RAM and HDD space using RAID0. When I try to capture 720P video it records the video fine until around 18 GB of RAM and then does the same thing. Is there some limitation to the format I am using or capture or is it something I am doing wrong? The card doesn’t have many settings to change an input signal in Premiere so to me options are limited…



      Intel I7-3.20 GHz

      10TB RAID0

      64GB RAM

      Aja Kona 3G capture card