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    Premiere Pro CC for Mac introduced a viral memory leak


      I have been editing an important new project in Premiere Pro CS6 with a deadline of tomorrow to take a trailer down to the L.A. Film Festival.  An option to download the new CC versions of the Adobe products seemed interesting, especially as I could continue to work with the CS6 version.  However, having downloaded several of the CC versions (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, AE, amongst others) it now seems that there is a serious memory leak.  I watch my memory meter (32Gb installed, Intel i7 machine with applications running off an SSD) drop from 87% to 0% over the course of about 7 minutes.  And according to the memory meter, all used memory is going to Premiere Pro.


      Bigger problem.  There must be some shared library or application files because now the same thing happens in Premiere Pro CS6.


      This is a real issue.  A once in a lifetime opportunity has arisen and Premiere Pro has really screwed it up for me.  The application is unusable.


      When will there be some accountability for this issue at Adobe and, more importantly, an urgent fix?  Perhaps it was a mistake, after all, to switch from FCPX...    Is there AVID in my foreseeable future?