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    Is anyone having this MAJOR issue with Premiere CC?


      I just started using Premiere CC. The first feature I used was the multicam. I edited a multicam sequence, then closed Premiere. Later, I went back into Premiere and at a point about halfway through, some video files from one camera angle are completely out of sync. In fact, it appears as if they start at the beginning of the angle and play out form there.

      I thought it was something I did, so idiot me, edits the whole thing again. Looks fine, plays back fine, but when I close and open it up again, same thing happens. This time, the point where the one angle goes out of sync changed, but again, it appears the angle starts over from the beginning.

      So, I started doing some tests, and sure enough it seems like a major bug.

      Has anyone else experienced this?

      I am going back to CS6 in the meantime to avoid any more heartbreak, but just wondering what the heck is going on with this software.