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    Premiere-Encore CS6 duration discrepancy


      I've been struggling to complete a Blu-ray disc in Encore for several weeks now, following menu design issues and a complete re-install yesterday. Now after troubleshooting all of the issues to date I'm at a 90% completion stage, except for this last issue.


      One of my primary m4v assets has a duration that is shorter than it's AC3 audio file. Initially I thought it was a sync issue but on examination in the Timeline the video is indeed shorter. And this is confirmed in the Project panel.


      Video file duration = 01:20:04:01


      Audio file duration = 01:20:07:02


      This asset was exported from a Timeline sequence in Premiere Pro, the duration for which should be that of the audio file. (01:20:07:02)


      I did a preliminary search for other users with a similar issue to no avail. Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated, at this point I haven't figured out what's caused the discrepancy in duration.

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          Stan Jones Ninja

          Are you exporting them from Premiere in the same export operation? i.e. using H.264 Bluray demuxed?

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            eallenderner Newcomer

            Initially I did, which resulted in a successful export with equal durations. However the file size was too large and thus maxed out the disc capacity in Encore. (That was exporting as MPEG2 Blu-ray format.)


            Thus my dilemma now. Should I just re-export both files simultaneously as H.264? Did I just discover my own blunder? I've worked with digital media and software long enough now to not question weird anomalies, but why should exporting a video file in one format make it a different duration from it's companion audio file that's in another format? Perhaps I don't fully understand the nature of muxed files versus demuxed.

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              Stan Jones Ninja

              There shouldn't be any difference in file length. But since there is, I would consider simply re-exporting. All I meant by muxed vs not is that sometimes, users decide to combine into one file (muxed) rather than creating the two (m4v and a3c or wav). Encore is more likely to have problems with the muxed file.


              I assume you exported as demuxed (separate files). Did you later export only audio, or only video? (Which is still demuxed, but more likely to introduce oddities.)

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                SAFEHARBOR11 Rockstar

                Export using the "H.264 Blu-ray" preset. This will provide two files, .m4v video and .wav audio. Import those into Encore, and Encore will create the Dolby from the .wav file (very quick encode). Looking for problems if you try alternate scenarios. Stick with what works.




                Jeff Pulera

                Safe Harbor Computers

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                  eallenderner Newcomer

                  I made another export using the H.264 Blu-ray preset, and just imported the

                  resulting m4v and wav files into my Encore project: same results.


                  Video duration = 01:20:04:01


                  Audio duration = 01:20:07:01


                  Source file used in the Premiere sequence is 01:20:07:01. Something is

                  happening in the export process that's causing the video file to come up

                  shorter. A frame rate conversion could possibly do that, but it would do it

                  equally to both video and audio.

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                    Stan Jones Ninja

                    Use mediainfo or gspot to look at the length of each file. We need to rule out the Encore import at an issue.

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                      RyanWM Newcomer

                      This appears to be a common issue.  I was having subtitles syncing issues and another poster  here came with a whole long procedure to address the issue which involves comparing the run time in Encore vs the run time elsewhere (he was using MediaInfo, I just looked at it in Premiere) and adjusting the subtitles accordingly.   No idea as to the why, but the workaround works. That said, i've never noticed the issue except for with subtitles.  The audio matched.


                      And it is so awesome that this and Encores other buggy ness will never be fixed.

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                        eallenderner Newcomer

                        From MediaInfo on the video export from Premiere:



                        Complete name : /Users/ethanderner/Premiere Exports/Deep Green Final Cut.m4v

                        Format : AVC

                        Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec

                        File size : 14.0 GiB



                        Format : AVC

                        Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec

                        Format profile : High@L4.1

                        Format settings, CABAC : Yes

                        Format settings, ReFrames : 4 frames

                        Width : 1 920 pixels

                        Height : 1 080 pixels

                        Display aspect ratio : 16:9

                        Frame rate : 23.976 fps

                        Standard : NTSC

                        Color space : YUV

                        Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0

                        Bit depth : 8 bits

                        Scan type : Progressive

                        Color primaries : BT.709

                        Transfer characteristics : BT.709

                        Matrix coefficients : BT.709


                        Compared to the audio:



                        Complete name : /Users/ethanderner/Premiere Exports/Deep Green Final Cut.wav

                        Format : Wave

                        File size : 881 MiB

                        Duration : 1h 20mn

                        Overall bit rate mode : Constant

                        Overall bit rate : 1 536 Kbps



                        Format : PCM

                        Format settings, Endianness : Little

                        Format settings, Sign : Signed

                        Codec ID : 1

                        Duration : 1h 20mn

                        Bit rate mode : Constant

                        Bit rate : 1 536 Kbps

                        Channel(s) : 2 channels

                        Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz

                        Bit depth : 16 bits

                        Stream size : 881 MiB (100%)


                        The Mac version as far as I can ascertain does not indicate running times

                        for either. Another day has passed and I'm still no further. Aaacckk!