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    Output workspace missing from Bridge CC

    bluebell0116 Community Member

      Why has the Output workspace been removed from Bridge CC??????

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          Yammer Community Member

          There's already another topic on this. Just have a look for it.

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            rogersphoto.com Community Member

            Hi Bluebell,


            Yes the Output such as web gallery, has been removed.  I am not very happy about it either since I packaged all of my clients "off line" proofs this way. It was fast and simple... Oh wait, fast and simple... That's why Adobe cut it out.


            Their solution is to waste clock cycles on your system by using Lightroom 5 which I have utterly no use for. Seeing as there is no real improvement to bridge and they basically just slaped the"CC" designation on it, they could have easily left it in.


            It's amazing that they have brilliant software engineers but nobody with brains enough to make logical marketing decisions.