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    How do I download Premiere CS6 with Encore?


      I am putting together a wedding video and updated all my apps including Premiere to CC and uninstalled Encore, thinking there was a CC version. Well, I need to burn this video to a DVD with a cool menu and had one already created in Encore but can't use it since it's installed. I saw in another forum message that you have to redownload the entire Premiere CS6 family, but when I signed into my Adobe ID at CreativeCloud.com, found Premiere CS6, then selected Download Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, it opened the old Creative Cloud Download Manager, but Premiere CS6 never appeared.


      I thought this was because I still had Premiere CS6 installed, so I uninstalled it, thinking it would now work. I restarted my Macbook Pro and when I select the download, it still opens the Download Manager and Premiere CS6 never ever comes up. How can I get Premiere CS6 back on my computer. I need it to finish this video and I'm on a deadline.