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    Roto Multi spots in 1 comp

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      Did I understand this video correctly?



      It stated that if I have multiple spots to be Roto'd I can work in one comp? Via the grey drag bar? ( I think I just place mu cursor on the TL in my Layer window to set a new spot?) Correct me if I am mistaken please.


      I have two spots to roto, one for about 2 seconds the other for about 1 second with a gap of 2 seconds between the both of them.

      Should I just do that all in one Pre Comp? OR use two different comps?



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          Depends on the footage, I guess, but yes, Rotobrush can have multiple independent spans - if you place a new initial key/ stroke outside the propagation span of an existing stroke, ther analysis will be independent. How well that works in a given scenario realyl depends...