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    Relinking to Proxy files with a different extension (CC)

    DerikSavage Level 1

      Due to the well-documented and discussed AVCHD bug present in CS6 and now in CC, I tend to transcode all of my AVCHD footage for editing.  If it's a multicam project, I like to use lower-res proxies so playback stays smooth. 


      The problem I'm running into is that whenever I go to relink my media to the original files for export, Premiere's new Link Media dialogue doesn't allow me to search for file names without including the extension.  So instead of being able to look for "Clip_01" regardless of the extension, it's looking for "Clip_01.avi".  When the original file is called "Clip_01.MTS", this tends to be a problem. 


      I can manually go to the "Clip_01.MTS" file and make it link to that, but then the rest of my media just stays linked to the files they were linked to in the first place.  This makes it impossible to relink multiple files with different extensions.  I literally have to go through each and every clip and manually "Replace Footage" with the original MTS file.  Which sucks. 


      So there you have it.  Is there any way to get around this?  I know I can transcode to both an intermediate and a proxy with the same extension, but then I would just be eating up harddrive space.  Should this be a feature request?  I thought Adobe had this whole relinking thing figured out.