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    Toggle hand tool in Photoshop CC?

    Fivetwelvish Level 1

      I'm on OS X 10.8x and just upgraded to Photoshop CC. I can no longer press Space to toggle the hand tool temporarily.


      Are others experiencing this; am I missing something during migration?




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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Victor, I am not a Mac user, but it seems there have been issues with the space bar and panning with Mac OSs.  This was a typical hit




          Does the H key work as it should?   A nice thing about using the H key is if you hold it down and drag with the left mouse button, it goes into 'Bird's eye view' which is a variation of the old Navigator panel.  It's quite a cool way to pan.

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            Dan Poynor Level 1

            Same exact problem here - I'm no longer able to use the space bar to pan around my compositions.


            There's another post in the forums asking about this issue on Windows too.


            Adobe may have removed the functionality for some reason. I suspect it's something to do with touch enhancements.


            I keep an Apple Magic Trackpad to the left of my keyboard and can use two fingers to pan around.

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              Fivetwelvish Level 1

              Thanks for the reply, Trevor. I almost never use the H since I usually need to pan while in the midst of using another tool. Having said that, I'm happy that the fallback is there but it's difficult to unlearn the muscle memory of toggling with the space bar.


              I did take a look at the link and went to reboot my machine. The toggle appears to be working at the moment but the article will be useful reference if it happens again. I will report back if I discover any new about its cause.


              Dan, try rebooting your machine. Closing and restarting Photoshop did nothing for me but a reboot did. Also, try the toggle early before opening other applications that may be the source of a conflict.

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                Dan Poynor Level 1

                Rebooting worked for me - thanks!


                I was also having the same issue in Illustrator CC with the space bar which is now working too.

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                  MikeV1234 Level 3

                  Windows 8

                  Go to  Metro UI> Settings > PC and Devices > Trackpad > Touchpad - 

                  • Deactivate the Touchpad Delay.




                  I used a different wireless mouse which worked fine. The issue is possibly related to Mouse/Touch problems.