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    Error in BC Blog Module

    Nortius Level 1

      Hi all


      There is a fundamental error in how the BC Blog module works. Is there a list or feature upgrade list I can go to to add this problem?

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What do you think is the flaw though. It would be good if you can share your thoughts. It very well maybe there (as it happens a lot) and your not aware of it or how to initialise or use it. Or BC are already across the request as well.

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            Nortius Level 1

            Hi Liam


            It's not a usage or training issue- I just realised there is a flaw in the BC blog implementation. It relates to the fact that BC wont allow you to have a page name the same as the blog module name. Therefore a blog url may be  domain.com/blog, but all the posts must trail off a different url - ie. domain.com/blog-1/a-post


            This is far from ideal from a Googel indexing and ranking perspective. Any blog needs to operate from a consistent URL the same as WP or any blog platform. So I just need to know where the development list or feature improvement logs are so I can post this.