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    Audition CC RAM Trouble

    Mister Fish

      Hey there people,


      I am working on a project in the new Audition CC. It is a sound mix project for a film, so I have the video playing in the corner etc. So, here's the problem... I only get 10 minutes to work within the program before it tries to access all 24GB of RAM that I have. I opened Task Manager and watched it climb higher and higher until Audition itself crashed and I lost my progress. That was the first time. The second, third and fourth times I was able to save everything while I watched all the terror unfold in my task manager window. I must say I was looking forward to the 64 bit advantages, but this is just crazy. I really need to finish this project!!!


      Any ideas?



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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          I'm not quite sure what you mean. You are only able to edit for 10 minutes before a problem occurs?  Or when you start building after the 10 minute mark, then it starts to have problems? 


          Can you send the sesx file as an attachment to audbugs@adobe.com?  No media, just the session file. I'll take a look and see if I can reproduce the problem. This is on Windows, correct?



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            I can second this issue, almost identically.  Audition CC starts OK and then just goes out of control, using all the RAM and bringing performance to an usuable.  I am working with huge projects (24 tracks of 48 Khz 24-bit files) with a lot of effects and processing, but I never had issues in CS6.


            I notice this thread is over a month old, have you had any luck?

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              Mister Fish Level 1

              I am just about to enter a new project which will require the same work load as before. So I will keep you posted... To be honest, unless there was a bug fix for it, it is almost certain the same thing will occur again. It is really annoying.

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                ryclark Level 6

                Are these problems on PC or Mac systems? It doesn't seem to be a general bug as yours seem to be the only occurrences of this problem.

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                  Mister Fish Level 1

                  I am on Windows 8 64 bit mate. 24GB of RAM, and it eventually uses it all to the point where the program has to shut down.

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                    I am having same problem and did the same thing you did.  I have windows 7 64 bit 12 GB of RAM.  As the video and audio play the memory load rises and it eventually just crashes.  Must have something to do with the video aspect because it isn't an issue when only audio is involved.

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                      SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 6

                      I can confirm that using Audition alone on W7 doesn't do alarming things with RAM at all - never has. So this is almost certainly either a joint use issue as suggested, or a problem with whatever's playing the video.


                      I've only tried playing video once like this, and it was fine. It wasn't a large file though, so not really a thorough test.

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                        I know this is an old post, but I am encountering this problem on the most recent release of Audition CC. Windows 8 64. Did anyone discover a fix for this?

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                          Dawnroe Level 1

                          I re-encoded my video export from avi to a low bit rate h264 and no longer encountered the problem. Seemed to me to be a Quicktime issue.

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                            I too am having this same issue CS6 works fine but CC eats my ram and crashes, I have just stopped using it to mix my short films!  If anyone has the fix please let me know!!

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                              Same problem here.  Can't get more than 10 minutes of work done before the application gives an out of memory error then freezes up.  Worked fine in CS6 until I tried to get the mix or stems or ANYTHING out of CS6.  Upgraded to CC trial to try and get my audio mix out of the box and CC mixdown works fine on this file after conversion to CC... BUT, now this issue.  After crash, trying to open the recovered file always fails and work lost.  Editing a feature film with CC, Windows 7 64bit, Xeon Quad and 24GB RAM.  Getting behind on this project and the workflow is now locked within audition.  One step forward, two backwards from the start.  I'll try reencoding the video portion.  Not sure how to sync that file within the timeline to make sure I don't lose A/V sync.

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                                _durin_ Adobe Employee

                                If you can capture the crash log (on OS X) or a crash dump (on Windows) and send that data or a link to the file to audbugs@adobe.com, we can take a look and see what might be happening.  In the meantime, can you explain a little more about the problem you're seeing?  How large is your session and media?  If you open the session and don't do anything for 15 minutes, do you see the same behavior?  Audition CS6 depended upon Quicktime for video support, but Audition CC uses the same video playback engine as Photoshop and Lightroom.



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                                  MikeHarrison Level 1

                                  I am also experiencing a LOT of RAM usage. Mac Mini, OS 10.8.3, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB RAM.


                                  I just finished a mono voice recording (16 bit/44.1k) of just under an hour. The RAM usage when recording began was about 3.3 GB. When the recording was finished, RAM usage had jumped to over 12.5 GB. Just making a recording, with no other applications running (which I do purposely to avoid disruptions).


                                  I've also had similar memory usage while editing; so much so, that I would have to quit and even reboot the computer to regain all available RAM before continuing. Audition has never crashed because of this – I've always caught it in time (I have RAM readouts in my menu bar) – but Audition gets extremely sluggish. Even when quitting. On quitting, the GUI will immediately disappear, but Audition menus remain in place for about 15 seconds before they finally go. But the computer is still sluggish even when I call for a restart.


                                  This sure is time-consuming.


                                  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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                                    ryclark Level 6

                                    Which version of Audition do you have installed? Is it the latest CC 2014.2?

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                                      MikeHarrison Level 1

                                      I'm using Audition CS6, version "5.0.2 Build 5." When I choose "Updates" from the Help menu, I'm told all of my applications are up-to-date.


                                      And I just now realized this thread is for Audition CC. I just created a thread for this under CS6 in hopes I get some response.

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                                        SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 6

                                        MikeHarrison wrote:


                                        And I just now realized this thread is for Audition CC. I just created a thread for this under CS6 in hopes I get some response.

                                        Won't make a scrap of difference. One significant problem you have is that you're using a Mac, and it's only really the developers that have any experience of these as far as the forum's concerned.