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    Help needed to enhance Image Processor Pro Script to save transparency in TIF


      Hi everyone,


      this is my first post in this community.


      We have a droplet which reduces the resolution of tif images to 72dpi and save the tif image with transparency. This works fine, but it took to long for the whole process of many picture in different folders. That's the reason why we searched for another script which can preserve the folder structure and set the resolution of every tif image to 72dpi.


      We found Image Processor Pro, which does exactly what we needed. The script works perfectly in CS5 and CS5.5 as it saves the tif with the transparency. Those saved tif images could be used in InDesign with the transparency.


      BUT Image Processor Pro script works not so perfectly in CS6 as it seems that this option to save a tif with transparency is not implemented or does not work in the script. The result is that those converted tif images are w/o transparency in InDesign. That's a huge problem for us.



      This is the point where I need your help. Neither I have experience yet with jsx-files nor with the right syntax of it.


      Is there a way for anybody of you to implement / enhance Image Processor Pro so it will save tif with transparency?


      We used the latest German Version of Image Processor Pro: 2.3.1 (link: http://www.russellbrown.com/scripts.html)


      (The German version contains only german on screen texts!)


      I am very thankful for every help you can give.


      Thanks in advance for your help.