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    captivate 6


      i want to disable my play bar, want to force the user to go through all the slides after that play bar get enabled,,,

      guysss,,,please help me out.

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          Gray Susan Level 2

          You should be able to deselect the playbar in the skin editor.



          Susan Wright (Equilady)

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Hello and welcome to the forum,


            If you follow Susan's advice, the playbar will be hidden (and thus disabled) all the time. But do I understand well that you only want it to be disabled when the learner is visiting the slides for the first time?


            Is this a linear course, and do you have navigation buttons or is it advancing automatically? If it is a linear course, after having finished the last slide, you want to see the playbar appearing? If that last slide will be played until the last frame, you could use this approach:

            1. Do not deselect the playbar in the skin editor
            2. In the Action accordion of the Properties panel for the first slide, for On Enter, choose Assign, cpCmndShowPlaybar with 0; this will hide the playbar. It will then be invisible, but the bottom border (if you show them in the skin editor) will remain visible. There is no system variable that allows you to 'lock' the playbar.
            3. In the Action accordion of the last slide, for On Exit, choose  Assign, cpCmndShowPlaybar with 1


            If it is a non-linear course, and you are not sure which slide will be visited last... let me know.



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              Rahii Level 1

              thnaks dear but i want it back when user view all the slides...

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                Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I explained a work flow, did you miss it? And could you answer my questions about linearity of course?

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                  Rahii Level 1

                  thanks lilybiri,,,,, but it is a non linear course,...and i m having problem in assigning value to cpcmdshowplaybar ,,,

                  by default in system variables it is showing it's value as 1,not able to change there, it will be great if u provide me screen shots,,,,




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                    Rahii Level 1

                    earlier i read a solution of ur's problem is similar to mine,, buthaving problem in assiging value to cpcmdshowplaybar...




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                      Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Sorry, no time for screenshots. Read point 2: you change the value of the system variable cpCmndShowPlaybar (case sensitive!!!!) in the Action accordion of the Slide Properties panel, On Enter. Choose as action 'Assign', from the dropdown list choose cpCmndShowPlaybar (first in the list) and after With, type '0' if you want to hide the playbar.


                      Have a look at this old article, principles about variables still valid: http://kb2.adobe.com/community/publishing/862/cpsid_86299.html


                      List of system variables in CP6: http://blog.lilybiri.com/system-variables-in-captivate-6


                      Do you know which slide will be the last or not? Because if you don't know, you'll need more complex advanced actions on each slide, and it seems that you are only starting with Captivate.


                      How is the navigation in the course when you don't have the playbar?

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                        Rahii Level 1

                        i have 8 slides, after viewing each slide there is button which takes back to main slide, after viewing a slide i placed a checkbox marked which shows this  slide is already viewed, after vieing all continue buttom appears,,user can navigate to any slide it's upto user but it is neccessary to go through all..user navigate through main slide..

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                          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          Maybe you should have used the template I provided here:




                          Since the user is getting back to the menu slide, you can track and check on that slide. Since you already have the action to let the continue button appear after all checkmarks are there, just add the command/statement:


                          Do you have advanced actions to show the Continue button, on entering that menu slide? If yes, can you post a screenshot? Maybe it is just as simple as adding the Assign command to one of the decisions?



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                            Rahii Level 1




                            in "if statement they all are slide "

                            and in" action " they all are check marks....

                            i assigned slide by 0  and after get clicked they are assigned with value 1 and check mark get appears,,

                            when all check mark get value 1,continue button appears

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                              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              So the checkmarks only appear when all have been viewed and the variables uranus.... are populated by the On Enter action for the specific slide. My template shows checkmark after having visited one item, even allows you to have that item not clickable anymore.

                              If you are happy with your work flow, just add the Assign statement I described, and together with the checkmarks the Playbar will again be visible.



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                                Rahii Level 1




                                when a user enter in a slide.

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                                  Rahii Level 1

                                  thanks Lilybiri, with ur help i will try to get out of this problem,,, but if i got stuck u have to help me,,,please ,,,, again thank you for your help...




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                                    Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    Hmmm, think this could be done a lot easier. Why do you show the check marks both with the advanced action in the second AND in the first screenshot??? And be careful with labels: the second decision in the second conditional action mercury_clicked has the same name as the first conditional action This could lead to big problems.


                                    I suppose that the check marks c_aaaa are on the menu slide. If you show them with the action mercury_clicked , why do you show them another time with all_ticked and is this last action assigned On Enter for the menu slide?



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                                      Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                      You can request the template, although it is for CP5.5, will be functional on 6

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                                        Rahii Level 1

                                        ok i will take care of that,,i m using same label but actions are different in both,

                                        yes, i m having checkmarks on main slide, in first screen short all clicked is used for showing check marks

                                        but as you see in second screen shot all_clicked again appears,,,i used it for when all slides are viewed  they are assined to 1, and then it will show a continue button on that slide, or if it goes back to the main slide a continue button should be there also..because  i don,t know that what slide gonna b last ....so i tried to do this in this way,,,

                                        ya im sure there is a easier way to do it , as u said. but i m new to captivate and actions....

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                                          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                          Once you showed a check mark, it will remain visible until you hide it again. So do it only once!


                                          You definitely should visit my blog, is rather well known in this community for resources about advanced actions.

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                                            Rahii Level 1

                                            ok ,, i will...

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                                              Rahii Level 1


                                              1) main page of slides

                                              2) when last slide is viewed play bar appear

                                              3) but while returning to main slide after viewing all slide  playbar is not at main slide

                                              4)while entering again on alide after viewing on slide play bar is visible, BUT

                                              5)while clicking on previous slide,  on previous slide playbar is missing again....

                                              6)after viewing all , if i enter in any slide play bar is there but if i use play bar to go in next slide or previous playbar is not appearing there.


                                              [NEXT button on slide are used to go on second last slide not to be in next slide to the present slide ]


                                              i want playbar function correctly after viewing all,,

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                                                Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                I thought 'All clicked' conditional action was executed on entering the menu slide, and that you added the assign action there? Bit difficult because you did not explain all details:


                                                1. What event triggers the first conditional action 'All clicked'? Did you add the Assign statement there, which will show the playbar once all variables are set to 1?
                                                2. I suppose your second conditional action 'mercury clicked' (and similar) are triggered by the clicks on the menu slide
                                                3. What is in the second decision of 'mercury clicked'? It would be better not to show the playbar there, but let the user return to the menu slide with the Next button. Then you do not need this second decision at all.



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                                                  Rahii Level 1

                                                  value of slide are set to 0 ,,, when clicked they turned to 1...when all slides are viewd then all_clicked shows the NEXT button's on each  slide, becouse it is on user which slide will be the last,suppose jupiter is the last slide user get option to turn back to the main slide or to be at the last slide,,,,You are suggesting me to remove the next button from all slides and make the user to be in the main slide...i assigened value of cpcmdshowplaybar 0 on each slide...and cpcmdshowplaybar equalto 1 when all slide are turned to 1 And on every navigational button.

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                                                    Rahii Level 1

                                                    1)when all slide are viewed then ALL CLICKED triggers. YES i assign variable there.

                                                    2)YES it get triggered through the buttons placed in main slide

                                                    3)but i want  a user can scroll previous and forward slide , if he want to read the info. again...