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    Create Symbol Script

      Like in the topic, there is an issue with selecting or typing in Symbol Elements. It just doesn't want to select or type in anything. I'm running on WinXp Pro SP2. Anyone with the same problem?
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          You will have to be a little more specific.

          Is it a custom script/component (one you made) or a default one (if default, which one?)

          If custom script, can you share it for others to disect?

          Also if it's a custom made one, ensure to rename your layers(without spaces) before converting it to a symbol. In other words change the defaults (names) to a user friendly titles. Eample default tilte for Rectangle primitive is 'Rectangle'. Change that to something else. Default for Bitmap layer is 'Bitmap'. Change that to something else. And so on. Basically make sure you rename your sybmol layers before running the Create Sybmol Script.