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    Table footnotes

    K.Daube Newcomer

      Hello friends,

      Obiously table footnotes are not the same objects as footnotes (in text flows). They are not found with the script as described in my post message/5430068#5430068. They are also flows (I assume this from the § symbol at their end).


      How to access these table footnotes? I have found only properties for their format, for example TblFnNumStyle, TblFnCellPosition or TblFnSuffix).

      There is no such constant as FTI_tblfn….


      I welcome Your ideas.


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          frameexpert Champion

          Hi Klaus, There is no special table footnote object in FrameMaker. There are two ways to get to table footnotes:


          1) Loop through all of the document's Fn objects.


          var doc = app.ActiveDoc;
          var fn = doc.FirstFnInDoc;
          while (fn.ObjectValid()) {
            // ... Do something here.
            fn = fn.NextFnInDoc;


          This is the simplest method, but the internal list may not be in document order.


          2) Process the paragraphs in document order, and for each paragraph, get a list of footnote anchor objects. I don't have time to code this in ExtendScript, but here is how it looks with FrameScript:


          Set oPgf = TextSelection.Begin.Object;
          Get TextList InObject(oPgf) FnAnchor NewVar(tTextList);
          Loop While(i <= tTextList.Count) LoopVar(i) Init(1) Incr(1)
            Set oFn = tTextList[i].TextData;
            // Do something with the footnote here.
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            K.Daube Newcomer


            The first method would be my favour (it is elegant), but it continues after the last table-footnote with the first normal footnote - thus creating a 'loop'.

            I have not yet found a method to stop that loop. My first attempt fails:

            function ProcessFootnote (doc) {
            // find citations in footnotes
                 var fnText = "";
                 var fn = doc.FirstFnInDoc;
                 while (fn.ObjectValid()) {
                   fnText = (GetText(fn));
                      alert (fnText);                    // the text of the footnote
                      var citations = GetTempCitations (fnText);        fn = fn.NextFnInDoc;        if (fn == doc.FirstFnInDoc) {             return;                           // ------- Does not stop the loop, === doesn't it either        }      } } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------

            PS will be absent for some days from this project.


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              K.Daube Newcomer

              This has been solved by Rick's answer to my post "Getting text from footnote".