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    Javascript question


      Hi guys, I'm a beginner so bare with me


      I'm using some code that I found on the internet to help me with a project. It is HTML & Javascript code to apply the shake function on mobile devices.


      This is a snipet of the HTML code:


      <img id="shake_img_hidden" src="Cow_dots.jpg" width="972" height="704" alt="dots" />

      <img id="shake_img_reveal" src="Cow.jpg" width="972" height="704" alt="nodots" />


      This is a snipet of the Javascript code:


      function do_shake(){


                          fadeout('shake_img_hidden', fade_time, stages);



      So, as you can see, I've got my images in HTML and the function in Javascript. However, I'm not sure how you would get these links working together in Edge Animate, any ideas?