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    missing Lensprofiles from SONY and ZEISS in Camera Raw

    Frank Dohle


      A few months ago I switched from Canon to Sony and Carl Zeiss and ever since I am missing some lens profiles in Camera Raw.

      I'm a picture editor and of course miss this opportunity of pre-correcting the lens profiles in the RAW development. I can not create the profiles themselves, like I have already been advised to do by an adobe employee. Now I have been waiting for the latest update and I also changed to PS CC.


      Unfortunately, I still miss these camera profiles: SONY SAL-500F40G, SONY SAL-300F28G2, SONY SAL-100M28, 135F18Z Zeiss, Zeiss 85F14Z, 24F20Z Zeiss, Zeiss 1635Z. I hereby would like to respectfully ask for these profiles included in Camera Raw. My entire image processing stands and falls with the RAW development. If I have to make cuts in the beginning, all following workflow suffers.


      As a premium provider of image editing software, you should not only follow the mainstream (Canon and Nikon), but also the "niche supplier" (SONY and ZEISS).


      I would appreciate any information about that topic very much!