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    Problem with video clips after restart


      When i cut a large videoclip into smaller clips, all of the clips show the same video after

      restarting Premiere Pro. Every clip shows the beginning of the large clip that has been cut.


      The video is from a Sony EX1R / MP4 (H.264). And the clip is 30 Min. long an was split

      during record into two clips (for example 100_1 and 100_2) as displayed in the Projektbrowser.


      That is very frustrating and i hope you can help me?


      Thanks a lot,



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Try this:


          1. Open a new, empty project.

          2. Go to Edit>Preferences>Media...

          3. Take note of where the Media Cache files are stored on the hard drive.

          4. Below that, Clean the Media Cache Database.

          5. Close PP and delete the Cache files you located in step 3.

          6. Restart PP and open your project.  Let the files rebuild.