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    Components in another Component

    Panasaki Level 1



      I need to know all the Components inside of another component included with:

           <cq:include path="component" resourceType="pathToComponent" />.


      Exists a Service or some other possible way to achieve that?


      Thank you.



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          What is the objective you are trying to fulfill with this?


          You need to have a parent component which should act like parsys(container) of other component but I doubt then parent component will have any authoring then.


          If you just want to extend you can use sling:resourceSuperType property in child component to inherit parent component.



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            Panasaki Level 1

            Thank you for the response.


            The objective is go through every Component inside of a Page looking for an attribute in each component.


            Looking at the information inside of jcr:content of the Page, I can recover different components, but there is components included in the page component as the Top Navigator that does not appear its information in jcr:content of the Page.


            For that I need to know if exists any possibility to achieve this information, looking the components included in other components.





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              Panasaki Level 1

              The attribute is in the Component inside in /apps.