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    Cannot fix doubled up images

    transwebjp Level 1

      Very simple text animation but it's messed up badly. ( Symbols are not overlapping)

      Works fine localy but doesn't work on my site


      <!--Adobe Edge Runtime-->  







      <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/edge/animate/2.0.0/edge.2.0.0.min.js"></script>

      <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="BasilExperiment_edgePreload.js"></script>

      <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.7.1.min.js


      <div id="Stage" class="EDGE-myproductionNo."><iframe src="BasilExperiment.html" width="750" height="420" border="0"></iframe></div>



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, transwebjp-


          I'm looking at the site, but I can't quite tell what's wrong with it.  Can you point it out to us?





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            transwebjp Level 1

            Thank you for your reply,

            It happens only first few seconds:


            Waterphysics The cheapest insurance,  This will change, ENERGISED WATER


            I found if you don’t enough room to TEXT box, the text gets distributed to two lines.  Before I change the text element to symbol, I have to scale the text box on X axis.  The the text get converted to symbol properly.  So I was repeating this to get it right.  Before I publish I checked any symbol is overlapping and I remove them if they are overlapping.

            I checked all the js files if there is any overlap or not and can’t find any.  I thought these symbols might have nested child symbols.  So I removed all of them and made fresh ones.  I noticed Edge Animate has a stubborn  cache problem.  When I shuffled images in image file, it caused an error, and I restore the file to the original condition but an error kept coming back.  So I gave up this project for a while.  Is there any debagging facility for EdgeAnimate?


            One more problem   “Energised Water” font is displaying in Firefox.  baumans from Adobe Web font.


            Thank you,

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              I "solve" the cache issue by moving the solution to another sub folder. Then the URL addresses will change and no cache will be used at the next call. This solution is most useful when you are developing.

              I often put my Edge Animate solution into an iframe on a web page. In such a way, you do not need to change the main URL address given to the users but onlæy the address in the iframe.

              Then you can continue moving your solution to a new sub folder and the user will not be disturbed by this.

              I believe I could have solved it using a no-cache META-tag in the header of the html  page but I do not believe that it will work for you.

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                transwebjp Level 1

                Thank  you for replying.   I actually solved doubled up images by removing <iframe> tag.  I use <iframe> for the purpose of placing more than 2 animated objects, but in this case I just used <div> container.  It happens on  only the start of animation and only on symbols converted from text.    Also I noticed after certain time elements do not appear on timeline unless it's converted to symbol.  So it's harder to edit.  Anyway thank you for supprt, everyone.

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