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    Loader Class Bug!

    OrangeHaze Level 1
      Hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue. (AS2 swf == AVM1)

      I have a flex app which loads a prexisting AS2 application's swf. The swf which is being loaded acts as a shell and container for loading other AVM1 swfs. The problem is that somehow after the first Loader.load() call is executed and the swf is added to the stage, any subsequent calls to load another AVM1 swf into the flex application work; however, the references within the AVM1 swf are all changed. When the very first AVM1 swf is loaded, a movieclip on its stage will trace out _root.my_mc, but any AVM1 swfs loaded after which have the same structure yield _level0.flexAppName0.instance25.my_mc, and if I turn around and try to trace(_level0.flexAppName0.instance25.my_mc) I get undefined. Whats going on!?

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated