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    Thumbnails in a Scrollpane

      Hey guys having a massive issue with a Scrollpane in Actionscript. Just wondering if someone wouldnt mind having a look for me please. I have been working on this for 5 days now with no luck.

      Basically the problem is that the thumbnails i am pulling from my XML file wont sit within the Scrollpane but appear to sit on top of it, overlapping the pane itself.

      If anyone can help then i can perhaps forward the XML, jpg's and FLA via private email.

      Cheers in advance for your help.

      The Actionscript Code:

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          clbeech Level 3
          is 'thumbScroller' a Scrollpane Component or an MC? actually it must be a MC because other wise you would 'load' the contents.

          so in that case then, create anther MC that is the size (or slightly less than) of the 'thumbScroller' MC, then use setMask() to mask the 'thumbContainer' MC.
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            Zoltar_Speaks Level 1
            thumbScoller is my instance name for the ScrollPane Component? Have i missed something vital?
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              clbeech Level 3
              well, maybe ;) I don't use the SP Component, but it seems that it operates more along the lines of a Loader Component, wherein the content needs to be 'loaded' into it from an external source, at least that's what the docs say, again I haven't done any testing on this, but therefore the attachment and creation of MCs to the instance should not really function that way. for instance, to use this method you may want to create a separate FLA that contains the above code for loading the XML, then 'load' the swf file into the scrollpane instance.

              OR you could construct you own scrolling window.

              But this is probably why the contents that you're trying to put in there isn't getting 'masked' by the scrollpane as it should.
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                Zoltar_Speaks Level 1
                ha ha. Well i have been going round in circles thinking that something must be wrong.

                I have found a pre made example that i am trying to hack now. It does exactly what you say. Has an instance of the ScrollPane on the stage. It then has an MC in the library that contains all of the XML Load to be masked by the ScrollPane.

                Thanks for the messages. Ill post up my final solution if i get one ;-)