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    FlashBuilder 4.7 shows wrong errors at start

    superduperjmas Level 1

      Once in a while when I start FB 4.7 it shows me a bunch of wrong errors during which I cannot compile anything but after a few minutes especially after opening the files the errors point to, all the errors (correctly) disappear and I can work normally again. Typically all those errors are like this and concerning only starling Texture which I use in my project:


      1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type starling.textures:Texture to an unrelated type starling.textures:Texture.


      I'm using the source code version of starling and I do not use any other starling source code or compiled swc so there shouldn't be duplicates anywhere + like I said the errors disappear after a few minutes. Any idea how to fix this annoying behavior?