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    Help needed with Illustrator texture swatches imported into Flash


      Hey, so I  basically scanned a texture into illustrator and added it into the swatches. After drawing a character in illustrator I used the colour of the swatch I had added to colour in my character and by using the tilde button I could move the texture to see which speicifc part of the texture I wanted for certain parts.


      Once I completed my character I imported him into Flash. Here is where the problem lies in, when I attempt to use the bone tool to animate him, as soon as I move a certain limb, the specific texture I had applied for that certain area causes the texture to move and make the area that I had coloured in using the swatches look different to what I initially imported into Flash.


      This has been a huge problem I have been facing and haven't been able to find an answer anywhere, I would really appreciate if I could get some help with this. Thank you very much!



      P.S.  If i explained my situation poorly, just ask for an image and I will gladly post a few so everything's clearer and makes more sense.