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    Why does my exported video appear jittery




      I created a video and put title sequences, added a logo, cross fades and cutting on it. It all looked great on the preview, but when I exported it H.264, MPEG 4 PAL it has come out looking jittery. This is especially noticable on logos and on subtitles. I'd really looked for hours on how to resolve this and then thought! Ah! the good people of the internet, they will help - so uploaded it to youtube, and on you tube it looks fine !?! No movement.


      I am totally perplexed. I need to export this for dvd at somepoint, and obviously sending this to clients without a youtube link is also dodgy.


      I have tried sending it to a collegue, they also get it jittery.


      Any advice? - is it  settings for export, settings for import?


      I really am stumped.


      Any help would be appricated.