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    How do I reinstall an OEM version of Photoshop Elements 6?


      I have recently upgrade my os to windows 7 and when i try to launch photoshop, i recieve a message informing me to delete and re-install the mentioned file. The issuse i have is that photoshop came pre-installed on my laptop so i dont have a hard copy to do so. I cant seem to find any re-download link anywhere so can someone point me in the right direction to reinstall it. Thank you in advance


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          fionakaycameron Level 1

          Do you have a license key? You could just download the free trial version and enter the key.

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            Barbara B. Level 7

            That will not work with PSE 6. You can't just enter a serial number into the trial for versions prior to version 9.

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              Loopzyoo Level 1

              Thanks fionakaycameron and Barbara B. for the advice.


              So the key i have for version 6 will work on other versions of pse up to version 9. Does it have to be a trial version

              or can it be the full install version of pse ?

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                Barbara B. Level 7

                Sorry, but you have not understood me. No serial number forf PSE 6 can be entered into the trial to make it work like a purchased version.. You cannot use a serial number from PSE 6, any format of PSE 6, in any other version. Each new version number requires a new purchase. I was merely pointing out that while you can convert a trial of PSE 9, 10, or 11 into an activated version by entering a serial number for that version, you could not do that before PSE 9.


                In other words, the trial for PSE 6 is a trial only and always. The trial for PSE 7 is  trial only and always, etc. You had to uninstall the trial and install the bought version in all versions of PSE prior to PSE 9.

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                  Loopzyoo Level 1

                  Hi Barbara,


                  Thank you again for your reply. Do you know if there is anywhere for me to re-download pse6 ? as i cannot find a link anywhere on the adobe site. Or do you know where in the adobe folder i can find the uninstall and install file or the name of the files (sorry if the question is stupid) but i dont see the obivious file name within the folders.

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                    99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You won’t find downloads for PSE6; the software is too old. Also you can’t just copy the program files. You need the original installation package with the file setup.exe


                    Did your computer supplier not provide a copy on disk? If not you may need to upgrade to PSE11. Adobe and Amazon have some good discounts at present, ahead of PSE12 which is usually launched in the autumn.

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                      Loopzyoo Level 1

                      Hi 99jon,


                      Thanks for the response.

                      No, i didnt receive a copy of the software when i purchased my laptop. I was told at the time "they dont supply disc's when purchasing a laptop as i keeps the cost of the device down !". I had back up my hardrive and then restored it after installing w7 but the only program that will not work is pse6. I figured that i would not be able to just copy and paste but i am trying everything before i have to  purchase another version.