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    Security Policy


      I am trying to determine if it is possible to establish a security policy that allows for the following:

      1. A PDF form downloadable from the web
      2. The form should be available to be opened and completed by anyone (using Adobe Reader)
      3. The PDF form should be submitted, but once submitted, it becomes protected/encrpyted so that only a predetermed computer/contact can open it.


      Is this possible?


      Any assistance would be appreciated.



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          #2 precludes #3, though it would be possible to process the file that gets submitted and add security/DRM so that it's restricted from being opened.

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            Joshua_SQ Level 1

            Thanks George.


            To clarify: could adding the security/DRM be "triggered" by an action performed by the respondent (e.g., after they sign it)? Or would that security require Adboe Acrobat?



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              IsakTen Level 4

              You can use certificate encryption for this workflow. The problem here is that the possible recipients of your PDF need to have a Digital ID with a private key in order to encrypt PDF and also have certificates with the public key for all authorized recipients of the encrypted PDF.

              And it is not easy to teach average user how to do that.  And this is possible only in Acrobat, not in Reader. But if all your customers have Acrobat and know how to use certificate encryption, and have access to the required certificates, then the answer to your question is "Yes".

              You can Google "certificate encryption in Acrobat" you will get links ti tutorials that show how to use this feature.

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                Joshua_SQ Level 1

                Thanks isakten,


                The customers won't have acrobat. Looks like I'll have to continue to investigate alternative solutions.