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    Premiere Pro workflow coming from fcp7


      So we are trying to make the transistion from fcp7 to adobe/premeire pro. Our previous workflow was-

      Log and transfer AVCHD and canon files to ProRes, renaming the files with date, location, person, etc. These files would then go in folders with generally the same info. Those folders would be broken up by year (2012,2013, etc) because we need to be able to pull footage from now to a few years before.


      We are trying to figure out how to do it with adobe. We'd like to be able to work with the raw files if possible, but we are having trouble finding out the best way to be able to add searchable keywords to the files. We've been messing with Prelude, but I'm not sure how to search a vast amount of footage with it, or how to add keywords specifically. We have been able to add keywords to files in Bridge, although for some reason it does not always work. Also with Bridge, we have to transcode the AVCHD to ProRes (or another codec that isn't raw) to be readable.


      We have two, soon to be three computers hooked up to a Final Share network so we can share media. We are looking to be able to add keywords and be able to search those keywords among many folders to pull media for certain projects. Is there a way to do this with Adobe? Or do we have to invest in a pricey digial asset management software?



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Prelude for conversion and then Bridge for keywords would be my best guess on how to do this.

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            needles27 Level 3

            I would suggest doing all of this work in Prelude CC. On importing/ingesting your footage, you can add metadata (with customizable fields to suit your needs) transcode to a primary location, copy to alternate locations and transcode to alternate locations all in one pass, rename files, etc... Then, once in Prelude, you can add metadata in a ton of fields and formats. Once added, this metadata is written into the file and travels with it wherever it is accessed. And the search within Pelude is very responsive.

            I would suggest doing some tutorials for Prelude and checking out the forum. I am a big proponent of Prelude and it has changed my workflow dramatically. (I'm also a FCP7 convert)

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              Bimbrie Level 1

              Ok, made some progress. right now our workflow is-


              ingest with prelude, transcode and rename to a set folder

              use bridge to add keywords to all of the files

              go back to prelude, add subclips to mark ins and outs

              files are now done.


              when starting a project, we would use bridge to search for keywords, and send to premiere from there. we had to figure out a few things since we are sharing media over a network. We set our cache to the same folder on the network instead of on our individual machines, hopefully that helps with some of the confusion the programs were having.


              thanks for the help