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    After Effects and AMD OpenGL

    rexomus Level 1

      Now that Premiere Pro takes advantage of my AMD Firepro video card will After Effects join the fold? It's rather frustraighting that Ae only uses Nvidia OpenCL. Maybe I am missing something but if Pr and Ps can use OpenGL why can't Ae?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This has been talked about many times. Only GPU Ray-traced rendering requires a CUDA compatible NVIDIA card. All other accelleration is available to AE. AE does not rely on the same Open CL acceleration and the Mercury playback engine utilized by Premiere Pro because AE handles pixels and pixel math in a completely different pipeline.


          The GPU Ray-traced rendering in AE is slow and only marginally usefully for a very few applications. If you design philosophy and your client base requires these features then add a few dollars to your invoices and get yourself an NVIDIA card. There are other work around's and the inclusion of C4D lite in CC gives you access to much better 3D effects than AE's simple extrusion and bending features.