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    Can Data Merge Information work around other Objects added to page?


      I'm currently using data merge to create a poster that lists award winners with their picture, name, and title in an orderly fashion. While data merge does this swimming, I was wondering if I can go back in and add images to the what data merge creates. For example I need to add logos and a Company title to the page and basically I don't want to manually rearrange the entire layout since data merge put everything spaced evenly and whatnot.


      I basically want to know if I can have something on the page that Data Merge ignores and yet works around it if that makes sense. Think of it as a logo in the top right corner and I need all the rows and lists to continue on but not go over it or push it off the page. Or repeat it as part of the information.


      I realize this isn't the most eloquently posed question, but any help is welcome and appreciated.