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    Dreamweaver CC: Head Content options


      The removed features page http://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/using/the-new-modernized-dreamweaver-cc.html very helpfully explained that the HEAD CONTENT options have been removed --


      • View > Head Content
      • Keyboard shortcut (ctrl + shift + H)
      • Header View Toolbar in Design view


      But... WHY?!!!


      This is a feature I've counted on to easily add header metadata to unique documents.  Now I have to go to CODE view and scroll my way up to the head content in order to edit this data. "New modernized Dreamweaver CC" is all very well & good, but not when it creates such an obvious obstacle to routine workflow.


      Do you have any suggestions as to how this functionality can be restored to my workflow?


      Until then... thank goodness I haven't uninstalled CS6 yet.


      — Mel


      (I'm completely willing to adapt to more efficient ways if I know what they are... it's having to adapt to less efficient ways that's an issue.)

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